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NanoDynamics Acquires Patent Filings From Versilant Nanotechnologies

Buffalo, NY. February 25th, 2004

NanoDynamics, a leading manufacturer of superior nanomaterials, announced today that it has acquired two patent filings to support the development of carbon nanotechnology.

The technology covered by these two patent filings is expected to enable more rapid commercialization of carbon nanotechnology, specifically applications which utilize carbon nanotubes; a class of materials which are expected to lead to significant breakthroughs in applications such as flat panel displays, advanced drug delivery, new semiconductors, catalysis, hydrogen storage, and fuel cell components.

"Acquiring these patent filings enhances our ability to provide commercially viable, high performance nanomaterials and components and to offer technology solutions for other companies seeking to commercialize products which incorporate carbon nanotubes," said Keith Blakely, Chief Executive Officer of NanoDynamics. "Furthermore, it represents a key part of our growth strategy, as it expands our technologies and capabilities into new commercial markets."

Carbon nanotubes, atomically small fibers of pure carbon that conduct electricity better than copper and transmit heat better than a diamond, have been touted as the strongest material. At one hundred times stronger than steel and 1/6 the weight, carbon nanotubes offer exceptional potential for structural and composite materials used by the aerospace and automotive industries.

The patents were acquired from Versilant Nanotechnologies, a Philadelphia-based nanomaterials company founded by Dr. Cynthia Kuper. Dr. Kuper is currently the Director of Innovations at NanoDynamics, where she is responsible for assessing technology and determining appropriate business mechanisms for creating value for inventors and technology owners. Dr. Kuper works closely with universities, national laboratories, corporate laboratories, private inventors, researchers, and scientists to identify, develop, and acquire commercially relevant nanotechnology.

About NanoDynamics

NanoDynamics is a leading manufacturer of superior nanomaterials that can dramatically improve the form, function and performance of a wide range of product categories. The company is uniquely positioned to mass produce economical, high quality nanomaterials that will be instrumental in facilitating revolutionary advancements in industries including consumer products, homeland security, energy and biotechnology. The Company's corporate growth strategy is designed to expand its technologies and capabilities while broadening its presence in new commercial markets.


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