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Nanotechnology Information Devices Workshop

A workshop looking at Nanotechnology Information Devices (NID) will take place at the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"(1) in Athens (Greece) from 04 to 06 February 2004. During the 13th NID workshop, a joint "Greek/PHANTOMS" Symposium on Nanotechnology will be held in order to provide a research overview currently performed on this country.

This NID workshop, organised in collaboration with the European Commission and the PHANTOMS network, will gather participants from projects funded under the IST programme's NID initiative. There will be both presentations from the EU projects and talks from experts outside the NID initiative. The focus will be on the applications of a broad range of nano-scale technologies to information processing and on the perspectives for replacing mainstream approaches, such as complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS), as they reach the expected physical limits for miniaturisation.

In addition, at the workshop there will be three new Working Groups (WGs) looking at "Alternative Electronics", "Mono-Molecular Electronics" (M2e) and "Theory". The WGs all aim to enhance research between NID projects by exchanging information, improve collaboration and look for areas of common ground between different technologies. The goal of a WG such as "Alternative Electronics" is to address the research of alternative devices that could replace CMOS beyond the 10 to 5 nm frontier providing at least comparable performances, but allowing low power consumption and less expensive fabrication. Further, in Mono-Molecular Electronics it is supposed that a single and always the same molecule would perform full computation putting forwards many questions from Hybrid Molecular Electronics such as the problem of interconnects or of the resources available inside a molecule to perform computation. Working Groups aim to propose solutions to solve these technological problems mentioned above through talks, tutorials, white papers, etc.

The Nanotechnology Information Devices (NID) is an initiative on future information processing and storage systems that operate at the atomic or molecular-scale in order to achieve superior functionality or performance.

NID covers all research fields that could contribute in shaping future visions for information processing nano-systems, from quantum electronics to nano-mechanics and biology. It gives emphasis on radically new approaches and cross-disciplinary integration. It follows on from the earlier Advanced Research Initiative in Microelectronics.

Further information on the workshop available from the event website.


Dr Antonio Correia / PHANTOMS
Dr. Patrick Van-Hove / EU (IST/FET programme)

(1) IMEL, one of the eight Institutes of NCSR “Demokritos”, specializing in silicon microelectronics, started its activitities in 1985. The expertise in VLSI design, CMOS processing, IC prototyping and special device fabrication developed over the years of its operation, supplemented by state-of-the-art facilities, make it unique in its field in the country.

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