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Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas Awards Grants for Outstanding Graduate Research

Houston, TX. January 7th, 2004

Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas is recognizing work being done by two Texas graduate students working in fields related to nanotechnology, the only field of science where the state has a leadership position recognized around the world. These graduate students, who are both working towards a PhD, are the future of science in Texas and in the US. Tobias Hanrath of The University of Texas at Austin will receive the George Kozmetsky Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Nanotechnology and Yuhuang Wang of Rice University will receive the David G. Nance Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Nanotechnology. Hanrath and Wang will receive their awards this week.

Hanrath and Wang were selected from a field of eighteen graduate student nominees who represent medical, engineering and natural science departments in eight universities in the state.

In nominating Hanrath for the award, University of Texas Assistant Professor Brian Korgel said that he is one of the best graduate students he had known. “His work is extremely interdisciplinary, requiring a combination of state-of-the art chemical synthesis, material characterization and device fabrication,” according to Korgel.

Wang was nominated for the award by Rice University Professor and Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley who said “He is distinguished by a combination of traits: his readiness to undertake extremely difficult technical challenges, his energy and persistence in pursuing them, his speed in assimilating new technologies, and his creativity in applying the technologies to solve new problems.”

Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas established the George Kozmetsky Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Nanotechnology and the David G. Nance Award for Outstanding Graduate Research in Nanotechnology awards as a result of generous donations from the public. The purpose of the awards is to recognize excellence in nanotechnology research. The awarded funds will be used for stipend, travel, lab supplies, books, equipment and other direct costs associated with candidates’ projects related to nanotechnology. The winners will also have an opportunity to address the 2004 Nano Summit.

The Graduate Research Awards are the first awards of their kind to be offered in the U.S. to students working in fields related to nanotechnology. The Outstanding Graduate Research Awards launch the Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas’ long-term grant program which seeks to grow to $1 million annually in research grants.

“With these awards, Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas is helping to enable the next wave of research,” said Conrad Masterson, CEO of Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas. “The awards will recognize the great work being done in Texas universities and help attract the brightest young people in the nation to conduct nanotechnology research and make groundbreaking discoveries. We’re pleased for the opportunity to recognize our future heroes in nanotechnology research who are solving complex problems in innovative ways.”

About Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas

NFT is a publicly funded research initiative founded in 2001 and approved as a 501(c)3 by the IRS to accelerate nanotechnology research in Texas by: 1) Recruiting the most qualified graduate students and post doctoral researchers into the field of nanotechnology; 2) Providing funding to help current nanotechnology researchers expand their fields of investigation; and 3) Sponsoring annual Nano Summit conferences to encourage collaboration among Texas nanotechnology researchers and to educate both Texans and those outside our state about the research being done in Texas in order to develop broader funding sources for Texas research.

The foundation is supported by a group of about 40 volunteers from across the state and a group of community leaders called Champions that assist them.

For more information on Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas, email them at or visit the NFT web site at

Media Contact:
Patti D. Hill
BlabberMouth Public Relations
ofc. 512.528.0201
cel. 512.635.7335

Reprinted with premission. Copyright NFT.

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