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Foresight Institute Awards 2003 Feynman Prizes

Nanotechnology researchers, journalists and student honored at molecular nanotechnology conference
Foresight Institute

Palo Alto, CA. October 15th, 2003

Foresight Institute, a nonprofit educational organization formed to prepare society for the impact of molecular nanotechnology, awarded four prestigious prizes to leaders in research, communication and study in the field of nanotechnology at the 11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology held last week. The 2003 Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes, named in honor of pioneer physicist Richard Feynman, were presented to Drs. Marvin Cohen, Steven Louie and Carlo Montemagno. The Foresight Prize in Communication was presented to nanotechnology commentators Tim Harper and Paul Holister. Physics graduate student Ahmet Yildiz received the Foresight Distinguished Student Award. "The Foresight Feynman Prizes in Nanotechnology are given to researchers whose work has most advanced the development of molecular nanotechnology," said Christine Peterson, President of Foresight Institute. "Molecular nanotechnology will be the ultimate manufacturing technology. It will be able to inexpensively arrange the fundamental building blocks of matter. It will allow us to make molecular computers, remarkably light and strong materials, molecular medical devices and a host of other manufactured products that will revolutionize our world."

Foresight 2003 Feynman Prize Awards Ceremony. Jim Von Ehr, Ralph Merkle
Jim Von Ehr, President of Zyvex announcing student award while Ralph Merkle looks on.
Foresight 2003 Feynman Prize Awards Ceremony.  Paul Holister Eric Drexler
Paul Holister of CMP Cientifica and Eric Drexler at 2003 Feynman awards.
Foresight 2003 Feynman Prize Awards Ceremony. Ralph Merkle
Ralph Merkle speaking at the awards ceremony.
Foresight 2003 Feynman Prize Awards Ceremony.  Marvin Cohen
Marvin Cohen accepting the Foresight Feynman Prize in the Theoretical Category.
Foresight 2003 Feynman Prize Awards Ceremony. Steven Louie, Marvin Cohen, Ahmet Yildiz, Paul Holister, Carlo Montemagno
Prize Winners: Steven Louie, Marvin Cohen, Ahmet Yildiz, Paul Holister, Carlo Montemagno
Click to enlarge. Images courtesy and copyright Foresight Institute. Used with permission.

Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes -Experimental and Theoretical

The Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes are given in two categories, one for experimental and the other for theoretical advances in nanotechnology. Drs. Marvin L. Cohen and Steven G. Louie of the University of California at Berkeley, Department of Physics, received the theoretical prize for their contributions to the understanding of the behavior of materials. Their models of the molecular and electronic structures of new materials predict and understand properties like structure, surface conditions, and interactions with other materials. Many of these predictions have later been confirmed experimentally.

The Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for experimental work was awarded to Dr. Carlo Montemagno of the University of California, Los Angeles, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, for his pioneering research into methods of integrating single molecule biological motors with nano-scale silicon devices, which opens up new possibilities for nanomachines. The controlled movement of nano-scale and molecular parts are fundamental to the development of molecular machines. More

Foresight Institute Prize in Communication

The Foresight Institute Prize in Communication was awarded to Tim Harper, President, and Paul Holister, Chief Information Architect, of Cientifica for educating the nanotechnology community about the long-term potential of molecular nanotechnology. The recipients communicate via their electronic newsletter, TNT Weekly, and publish an industry survey, The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report. These two communicators are in constant contact with thousands of scientists, businesses and investors active in the nanotechnology world. More

Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award

Physics graduate student, Ahmet Yildiz, of the University of Illinois of Urbana, Champaign, received the 2003 Foresight Institute Distinguished Student Award for his work in unraveling the motion of the molecular motor myosin V, which will be useful in the design of artificial molecular motors. The Distinguished Student Award recognizes the college graduate or undergraduate student whose work is deemed most notable in advancing the development and understanding of molecular nanotechnology. More

About Foresight Institute

Foresight Institute is a leading public interest organization involved in nanotechnology and emerging technologies. Formed in 1986 by K. Eric Drexler and Christine Peterson, Foresight dedicates itself to providing education, information, and networking support on the topic of molecular nanotechnology. The organization's goal is to guide emerging technologies to improve the human condition and enhance critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions.

For more information or links to the prizewinner's websites visit

Foresight Institute
P.O. Box 61058,
Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA
tel +1 650 917 1122
fax +1 650 917 1123

Copyright Foresight Institute

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