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11th Foresight Conference On Molecular Nanotechnology

October 9-12, 2003. San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel Conference Webpage

Foresight Institute

Palo Alto, CA. June 24th, 2003

If you are interested in breakthrough work in nanotechnology and want to hear what leading researchers are achieving, this is the conference for you.

The 11th Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology is an important event for all researchers tracking nanotechnology. The conference provides a stimulating multi-disciplinary environment that attracts researchers from academic, government, and industrial laboratories worldwide. Papers are accepted from every key nanotechnology discipline including electronic, chemical, biological, medical, and computing topics.

Unlike special-topic meetings, the Foresight Conference series covers the entire spectrum of molecular nanotechnologies, enabling researchers to present their work in a broader context and stimulate new collaborations and cutting-edge insights in this revolutionary field.


  • Fraser Stoddart, University of California at Los Angeles
    Meccano on the NanoScale: A Blueprint for
    Making Some of the World's Tiniest Machines
  • Tobin J. Marks, Northwestern University
    Nanophotonic Structures by Molecular Self-Assembly
  • Hicham Fenniri, Purdue University
    Organic Nanotubes with Tunable Dimensions and Properties
  • Jan Genzer, North Carolina State University
    Material Templating through Substrate-bound Molecular
    and Macromolecular Gradients
  • Cherie Kagan, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
    Layer-by-layer Construction of
    Molecular Materials and Devices
  • Mayra Liberman, University of Notre Dame
    Molecular Quantum-dot Cellular Automata:
    Computation without Current
  • Mark S. Lundstrom, Purdue University
    Carbon Nanotube Electronics: Device Physics,
    Technology, and Applications
  • Seth Marder, University of Arizona
    Two-Photon Micro and Nanofabrication of 3D Structures
  • Susan Sinnott, University of Florida
    Nanometer-Scale Engineering of Composites
  • Donald A. Tomalia, Central Michigan Univ./Dendritic Nanotechnologies
    Limited Nanoscale Structure Control Within and
    Beyond Poly(amidoamine)Dendrimers
  • 2003 Foresight Institute Feynman Prize Winners
    Recipients of the prestigious Theory and Experimental
    prizes will present their nanotechnology research


Register by August 1, 2003 and save over $100

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This tutorial is designed to bring conference attendees up to speed on major areas of nanoscale science and technology and provide a scientific background to understand and evaluate emerging trends in this field.

* The Chemistry and Physics of Molecules, Assemblies, and Devices
* A Top-Down Look at Bottom's Up Electronics
* Implications of Nanotechnology for Energy and Environmental Remediation
* An Integrated Systems-Oriented Approach to Molecular Electronics
* Self-Assembly Approaches to Nanoscale Materials


Foresight Institute Feynman Prizes 2003
Submissions or Nominations DUE JULY 31

Foresight Communication Prize 2003
Submissions or Nominations DUE JULY 18

Foresight Distinguished Student Award 2003
Submissions or Nominations DUE AUGUST 8


Link to downloadable conference brochure here

Foresight Institute
P.O. Box 61058,
Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA
tel +1 650 917 1122
fax +1 650 917 1123

For more information, please visit us at Foresight is a non-profit educational organization.

If you have a comment, please us.

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