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CANEUS Solicits Proposals for Pilot Project Concept Papers on Micro-Nano-Technologies for Aerospace Applications and Workshop Background Papers for the CANEUS 2004 Conference

Montreal, January 27th, 2004

The CANEUS organization invites researchers, consultants and agencies / organizations to submit proposals for the preparation of CANEUS pilot projects concept papers and process workshops background papers for the CANEUS 2004 conference.

CANEUS is a nonprofit organization that benefits the worldwide aerospace community by fostering coordinated international development of MNT (Micro-Nano-Technologies) for aerospace applications. As a "hands on" organization, CANEUS is focused on the practical aspects of transitioning MNT rapidly and efficiently into aerospace systems. This objective is achieved via a mechanism of initiating pilot projects followed by full-scale development and manufacturing of MNT-based systems. In achieving this goal, CANEUS brings together MNT developers, aerospace end-users, government policy makers, and investors from across the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia Pacific. CANEUS is also responsible for co-organizing the CANEUS 2004 conference to be held November 1-5, 2004 in Monterey, California, USA. CANEUS 2004 will be a public forum for discussions on MNT-based system development for aerospace applications, leading to a selection of few pilot projects aimed at such development.

As one of the preparatory activities for CANEUS 2004, the conference organization committee is commissioning the compilation of concept and background papers on each proposed pilot project topic. The purpose of these papers will be to provide CANEUS members and conference participants with sufficient information on the current status and promising future trends for transitioning novel MNT concepts into aerospace system implementations. This request for proposals (RFP) covers the development of the following:

A. CANEUS Pilot Projects Concept Papers: The Conference Organizing Committee has selected a number of novel MNT concepts, which it believes could be transitioned to aerospace systems. Each concept paper will provide the conference participants with the technical and programmatic background necessary to evaluate the current status in terms of technological maturity, key players in a particular technology arena, potential investors, aerospace end-applications and users, market potential, and the challenges involved in the development.

B. CANEUS Process Workshop Background Papers: Selected concept papers will serve as the basis for discussions during focused "process workshops" conducted during the later half of the CANEUS 2004 conference. These workshops will address important aspects of the technology development cycle for aerospace systems. The background paper for each process workshop will guide the discussion by highlighting the principal issues to be considered for a particular aspect of the technology development.

It is the expectation of the CANEUS 2004 conference organizing committee that the above concept and background papers will be well-researched and prepared on the basis of input obtained from several international organizations, industries, government agencies, academia and experts involved in or interested in MNT-based technology development for the aerospace sector. Once selected, the bidders can expect to work in close collaboration with the conference organizing committee to deliver a product that meets the committee's expectations.

For more information please visit:


Questions may be submitted to
Milind Pimprikar, CANEUS Chairman:
Tel: 1-514-499-3959

Submitted by:

Neil Gordon, Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance President:
Tel: 1-514-351-7878 ext 299

Copyright 2004 CANEUS Inc.

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