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Tim Fonseca

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"Utility Foglet"

Tim Fonseca - Utility Foglet

A many armed Utility Foglet.

"Gobblebot: Artificial White Blood Cell"

Tim Fonseca - Gobblebot: Artificial White Blood Cell

Robotic white blood cells swim through the circulatory system of the human body, ingesting and destroying pathogenic critters such as harmful bacteria, viruses, etc. Each robot is about 3 to 3.5 microns in size, and built of nanoscale components. This size ensures that the robots will not get stuck while passing through the capillaries. The exact technical specifications on how these nanorobots will locate each pathogen, move/navigate toward them, and ingest them, is being researched by engineers. Once the pathogens are inside the nanorobots they are chopped to bits, the pieces reduced to non-toxic status by special enzymes, and the remains ejected out of an irising door. This is a variation of the Microbivores, created by Robert Freitas.

"Artificial Brain Cells"

Tim Fonseca - Artificial Brain Cells

The central cylinder of each Brainbot houses a computer that contains a storehouse of information equalling many large libraries, and instruments for recording "surface thoughts". Billions of these nanobots are in communication with one another, and with the brain cells, creating a secondary brain. I, personally, do not believe that it will ever be possible to download a "conscious" diesmbodied mind into a computer. However, it will be possible to place a robotic brain into a human skull, composed of billions of microscopic nanobots. This would give each human being two brains; an electro-chemical wet-brain, and a dry, purely electronic digital brain. When the two brains interact, a third brain may emerge with qualities for which we can only speculate.

"Generic Nanobots"

Tim Fonseca - Generic Nanobots

The nanobots in this image are generic. They could be used to represent a variety of 'bots, from a variation on Robert Freitas' Respirocytes, to 'bots releasing vitmains and minerals, and artificial white blood cells.

"Zapperbot: Artificial White Blood Cell"

Tim Fonseca - Zapperbot: Artificial White Blood Cell

A "hunt and kill" nanobot is seen zapping a dangerous pathogen using an onboard micro-laser.


Tim Fonseca - Barberbots

Thousands of "micro-nano" robots scuttle over the surface of your skin, in quest of hairs to trim. The "BarberBots" would each be pre-programmed from a desktop gadget containing a pre-set hair style configurations from which to choose. Just press the Mohawk pre-set button, and the micro-bots will obey.

"Make-Up Bots"

Tim Fonseca - Make-Up Bots     Tim Fonseca - Make-Up Bots

These bots can triple as "pixel bots" for general purposes; as "make-up" bots, or as small solar energy collectors.

"Fibrocytes: Artificial Plateletes"

Tim Fonseca - Fibrocytes: Artificial Plateletes     Tim Fonseca - Fibrocytes: Artificial Plateletes

Robotic Fibrocytes work very quickly when they detect a wound. In this scene the Fibrocyte's expandable web-netting has trapped some blood cells, as well as some platelets to form a covering over a small wound.

"Aerobots or Broncobots"

Tim Fonseca - Aerobots or Broncobots     Tim Fonseca - Aerobots or Broncobots

The aerobots in this scene are used in the lungs for detection of pathogens, medical treatment, and cell repair. In scene one, the aerobot's wings are extended. In two, the wings are retracted.

Tim Fonseca - Marching Vascularbots

"Marching Vascularbots"

Tim Fonseca - Marching Vascularbots     Tim Fonseca - Marching Vascularbots

The Vascularbots avoid the blood current problem by creeping along the surface of the artery walls. Each Vascularbot has hundreds of retractable arms and legs on their undersides, which are used for walking and cell surgery.

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