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Svidinenko Yuriy

Artist, and Analyst at Nanotechnology News Network

Last Updated: Monday, 20-Apr-2015 19:51:34 PDT

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See Cell Repair Nanorobot Design And Simulation for details.

Simulation of a simple mobile cell-repair
nanorobot and some of it's subsystems.

"Mobile Cell Repair Nanorobot"

Svidinenko Yuriy - Diamondoid cell-repair nanorobot

Diamondoid cell-repair nanorobot
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot Component Details

Component Details
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot Anchor and locomotion subsystem

Anchor and locomotion subsystem
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot Sensor and CPU subsystem

Sensor and CPU subsystem
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot Transport subsystem

Transport subsystem
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot in the bloodstream

Nanorobot in the bloodstream
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot in the bloodstream part II

Nanorobots in the bloodstream
Svidinenko Yuriy - Nanorobot performing cell surgery

Nanorobot performing cell surgery

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