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Erik Viktor

Erik Viktor applies his talent in different fields such as illustration, writing, journalism, art, 3D animation, show production, marketing, design, photography, industrial model building and other domains. He published his first article in his school's magazine at the age of 10, and had his first illustrations published when he was 12 years old.

All images are based on his interpretation of existing and potential nanoscale technology.

See his complete Gallery, and Bio.

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Erik Viktor - Nanotubes & Buckyballs
Nanotube and Buckyball Animation
Click here to see 1.35 MB full resolution animation.

Erik Viktor - Driller nanorobots

"Driller" nanorobots being injected into an artery through the tip of a needle.

Erik Viktor - Surgeon nanobot

Surgeon nanobot "Drillers" carefully remove a blood clot from an obstructed vein. These robots can operate autonomously or through teleoperation by a surgeon.

Erik Viktor - Driller nanobot

"Driller" nanorobot approaches a sick red blood cell for the final kill.

Erik Viktor - Stinger nanobot

A "Stinger" engages in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. The Stinger nanorobot can inject a toxin or medicine of choice, either autonomously, or through teleoperation.

Erik Viktor - Drillers, Peepers, Stingers

"Drillers, Peepers, Stingers" engage in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. Whilst the Stingers inject a toxin, Drillers cut deep into the tumor. A Peeper broadcasts the whole video scene to the surgeon.

Erik Viktor - Living Fog

"The Living Fog" as envisioned by Storrs Hall or alternatively Eric Drexler's "Grey Goo". This artwork could illustrate a living fog made out of billions of replicating nanorobots gone mad -- transforming every single molecule on earth into a perfect copy of itself...

Erik Viktor - Atoms AFM

In this picture atoms are being moved by the single atom tip of a Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Apart from allowing scientist to image atoms, this instrument also allows them to actually move them one at the time.

Support the Artist: Posters for sale by Erik Viktor. Click to see larger version. $15 each. Email to purchase.

Erik Viktor - Volcanc
Volcano - 60 x 40cm/ 23" x 16"
Erik Viktor - meteol
Meteologica - 60 cm x 46 cm / 23" x 18"
Erik Viktor - Terre
Sisters - 60 x 40cm/ 23" x 16"

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In the past 19 years he has thus worked freelance as an illustrator and 3D animator for major institutions, magazines and newspapers, as well as press agencies.

Institutions and industries:
The European Space Agency - ESA, NASA, The Lunar Planetary Institute, The German Space Agency, DLR (German Space Research Institute), The London Planetarium (Madame Tussaud's), The London Science Museum, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (EADS/Astrium), MAN Technology, and Revell. Magazines and Newspapers: Pour la Science (American Scientific), Figaro Magazine, Washington Post magazine, New Zealand Listener, Die Bunte, Der Spiegel, Focus, La Presse, Science et Vie, L'Express, Asahi Shinbun, Bildzeitung, and Bild Am Sonntag, to name just a few.

Press agencies:
Science Photo Library SPL (London) and GAMMA (Paris).

TV Channels:
TF1 (France), CBS (USA) and other private cable channels.

He illustrated several "Beau livres" about Space by astronaut Patrick Baudry and writer Wim Dannau at Bordas and Atlas publications.

In 1992 he built and designed the unique mobile Space Exhibition Spaceworld for the German Association of Space Industries, an event entirely based on his own visions and ideas. The show was also sponsored by Mercedes-Benz AG, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG and MAN Technology and has since visited 40 locations in 6 countries and been translated in 3 languages. It can be seen on the Spaceworld website. The show and the artist have been viewed on many major TV and radio Channels such as the BBC, ITN, and RTL.

Erik has also been active in design creating the Astrobike bicycle, the Scorpion sportscar, and the Taxmaster car computer.

His fine art paintings are on display in the Foyers of many major companies, Private collections and Museums. In 1992 his painting "Nord-deutschland spent 5 months aboard the Space Station MIR, and was stamped and signed by various crew members. "Meteologica," one of his paintings (1997), is featured on the cover of the book "Wings in Time" a corporate History book about EADS one of the world's largest Aerospace and Defense companies.

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