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Pacific Nanotechnology

Pacific Nanotechnology provides products and services that facilitate advances in nanoparticle technology and research. Our products are optimized for research, development, and process control applications when visualization, modification, and measurement of nanoparticle or nanopowder is criticall.

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  • Pacific Nanotechnology Nanoparticle Image Gallery AFM images of nanoparticles, AFM data of nanopowders, AFM images of thermoplasitc elastomer, carbon nanotubes, polysterene particles, polymer particles, quantum dots, QD, latex spheres, drug powder, drug crystallines, polished quartz,blood cells, CNT, DNA, sol-gel, inclusions, triblock co-polymer, colloids, colloidal gold, colloidal gold spheres, carbon black, polypeptides, calcium phosphate, CaP, etc.
  • Pacific Nanotechnology Nanoparticle Technology

Pacific Nanotechnology
1x1um Polymer nano-spheres
Pacific Nanotechnology
21x21um CaP crystals
Pacific Nanotechnology
390x390nm, Carbon black topography
Pacific Nanotechnology
20x20um organic film, cc mode
Pacific Nanotechnology
20x20 um red blood cells
Pacific Nanotechnology
2.8x2.8 um 1nm diameter CNT, CFM

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