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Applied NanoMaterials Completes Launch Phase - Changes its Name to ApNano Materials

New York, January 28th, 2004

Applied NanoMaterials, Inc. (, a provider of advanced nanotechnology products, today announced a new company name to reflect its progression to sales and production after having successfully completed its start-up and product launch phases. The company has changed its name to ApNano Materials, Inc.

“The new name reflects the invigorated spirit of our company and its inventiveness,” said Dr. Menachem Genut, President and CEO of. ApNano Materials.

ApNano Materials is commercializing unique nanotechnology materials based on innovative R&D performed at the Weizmann Institute of science. The company has recently launched its patented product, NanoLub™ – the world's first nanotechnology-based solid lubricant for superior enhancement of performance of moving parts.

The company has already established a primary production facility, producing the necessary quantities for Beta sites and field testing. In 2005, the company intends to operate a semi -commercial reactor, producing about 100 kg a day. A commercial 1 ton per day factory will be operational in 2006.

ApNano Materials is also making preparations to manufacture and sell a new line of products – a new and superior kind of inorganic nanotubes for highly sophisticated products such as advanced generation high resolution flat panel displays and atomic force microscopes (AFMs). Inorganic nanotubes are considered to be the ideal material for tomorrow’s nano electronic devices. In many cases they may replace or complement silicon and so have many additional potential applications including semiconductor devices, sensors, biosensors, and nano-motors.

About ApNano Materials

ApNano Materials, a private company, was incorporated in the US in 2002. The company was granted an exclusive license by Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd, the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, to manufacture, commercialize and sell the new nanomaterials discovered at the Institute. The shareholders of ApNano Materials are Newton Technology VC Fund, Yeda Research and Development Co. LTD. (the commercial arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science), AYYT Technological Applications and Date Update LTD. (the commercial arm of Holon Academic Institute of Technology, Israel) and private investors. The company is headquartered in New York, USA, with an Israeli subsidiary located in the high tech science park adjacent to the Weizmann Institute campus in Rehovot, Israel.

For more information, please visit the Company's website at

NanoLub is a trademark of ApNano Materials.


David Kanaan
Kanaan Public Relations
Phone: +972-3-6315166

Copyright ApNano Materials, Inc.

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