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Applied NanoWorks announces Pinnacle AF Zinc Oxide in 2-6nm high concentration water-colloid

New nano-colloid targets improved performance for UV absorption and reactive surface area applications

Watervliet, NY. April 18th, 2004

Applied NanoWorks, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of PinnacleAF Zinc Oxide nano-colloid deliverable in 25g to multiple kilogram production volumes. The 2-6nm particle size zinc oxide is agglomerate free and delivered in an environmentally safe water suspension.

The 2-6nm size is 80% smaller than the 15-20nm zinc oxide nano-powders commercially available today. The PinnacleAF Zinc Oxide offers an estimated 400% improvement in UV absorption levels and an estimated 500% increase in particle surface area compared to existing 15-20 nm zinc oxide nano powders.

"This is the first of a new line of commercial nano-materials based on our proprietary PinnacleAF Colloids platform and our PinnacleAF Zinc Oxide offers manufacturers the highest UV absorption and surface area available in the market," said Eric Burnett, president & CEO of Applied NanoWorks. "The achievement of 2-6nm materials delivered in an agglomerate free water suspension will enable manufacturers to improve product performance in a wide range of industries including cosmetics, adhesives, paints and coatings."

According to the United States Geological Survey, over 25 million kilograms of zinc oxide are used each year in products ranging from UV absorption coatings and cosmetics to anti-bacterial additives and adhesives. Smaller zinc oxide particles improve product performance in several ways. Smaller particles increase the amount of ultra-violet sunlight that is absorbed; which gives suntan lotions higher SPF ratings and keeps plastics and resins from cracking or paints from peeling after being exposed to direct sunlight. Smaller zinc oxide particles also have much higher surface area than larger particles which means that applications like adhesives and anti-bacterial formulas, where a larger surface area to react with other chemicals or organic cells; will perform faster and more efficiently than using existing zinc oxide sources.

"Our PinnacleAF process addresses several of industry's major concerns over nanomaterials," CTO Partha Dutta, Phd, stated. "We can now deliver cost effective, smaller particles in a form factor that eliminates much of the health concerns that surround nanomaterials. By delivering our materials with particle sizes that are 80% smaller and delivered in a high concentration water based colloid, manufacturers no longer have to worry about how to disperse or suspend their nanomaterials for production."

Applied NanoWorks provides high quality nanomaterials and research services to meet both industrial research and manufacturing needs. Its' proprietary technology offers high quality semiconductor, metal and oxide nanomaterials ranging from 2nm to 100nm and are available in volumes ranging from research quantities to high volume purchasing and production agreements. Visit the company's web site.

Media Contact:

Eric Burnett, President & CEO
Applied NanoWorks, Inc.

Reprinted with permission.
Copyright Applied NanoWorks, Inc.

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