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9th NID Workshop on Nanoelectronics

9th NID Workshop on Nanoelectronics: The largest discussion forum for EU project partners and external experts in the field of the year

February 04, 2002

Nanotechnology, and in particular nanoelectronics, is generally accepted to become one of the key enabling technologies for sustainable and competitive growth in Europe. In order to identify priorities and define strategies to develop novel technologies for future information technology devices, the EU funded PHANTOMS Network ( organises events and activities to foster early collaborations between scientists and engineers from academia and industry The Phantoms network comprises currently over 100 research institutions world-wide and its activities includes also an information service to their members, short visits bursaries, support to relevant conferences or setting up software services.

The "Nanotechnology Information Devices (NID)" workshop will be hold in conjunction with the "Italian Workshop on Current Trends in Nanotechnologies". The events will take place in Catania (6-8 February) and are organised jointly by the European Commission, the PHANTOMS Network and the University of Catania. About 200 participants from about 20 countries are expected to participate to share their latest scientific results, discuss present research challenges and define possible activities for the future. As many participants are granted a project of the European Commission, the results of the discussions will have a direct impact to their future work.

The workshops will be focused on the development of a range of nanoscale technologies to information processing to replace or complement mainstream approaches, such as the currently employed CMOS technology, once these technologies will reach the expected physical limits for miniaturisation. The starting point of the workshops will be an overview of EU projects currently under operation, which will be complemented with invited talks from experts outside the NID. In addition working groups will discuss topics related with Theory & Modelling, Nanofabrication, Devices or Self-Assembly in special session. The work of the working groups will provide valuable contributions for the technological vision of the field and will be included in the next edition of the "Technology Roadmap for Nanoelectronics" (TRN) which will be published by the European Commission by the end of the year. The current TRN edition has been used by the semiconductor industry association as their working document for emerging electronic devices.

At this meeting, Prof. Cees Dekker (TU Delft) will receive the "Julius Springer Award for Applied Physics" for the discovery of the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes and for pioneering work on their application in single-molecule electronic devices. The prize will be handed over by Prof. Michael Stuke, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Applied Physics A.

Invited Speakers:
1. Prof. Daniel Loss (University of Basel - Switzerland)
2. Prof. Harald Fuchs (University of Muenster - Germany)
3. Prof. Hiroyuki Sakaki (University of Tokyo - Japan)
4. Prof. Richard A. Kiehl (University of Minnesota - USA)
5. Prof. Yasuo Wada (Hitachi Ltd. - Japan)

Contact details:
1. Dr. Antonio CORREIA (CMP Cientifica / PHANTOMS Network - Spain): / 9th NID workshop WEB site:
2. Dr. Ramon Compaño (European Commission – IST/NID): / IST-NID WEB site:
3. Prof. Giovanni Marletta (University of Catania - Italy):

© Copyright PHANTOMS
reprinted with permission of Dr. Antonio CORREIA - Coordinator of the IST Nanoelectronics Network
CMP Cientifica S.L.

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