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Best of 2001: 12 Nanotechnology, Extropian, and Transhuman Sites

It is time once again to let you know which Nanotechnology, Extropian, and Transhuman Sites we think are the Best of the Year. They are in no specific order.

While there is undoubtedly other info and webpages that would get your vote, we hope you will appreciate our list. If you have another favorite, please us and it will be reviewed for "Best of 2002". At one time, (in the guise of Steve Lenhert) was the most informative and current, general purpose Nanotechnology website. Alas, for reasons mysterious, About decided that of all the places to save funds, their MNT category was an obvious choice. Hmmmmmmm.... In any case, Steve Lenhert can still be seen as a regular contributor at the Google MNT Forum, adding his very well informed 2c's worth. He has also recently started his own site here at Nanoword.

The Harrow Technology Report

A twice monthly webpage and voice report, dealing with the topics, events, and science of the day. After years of having authored Compaq's "Rapidly Changing Face of Computing" technology journal, Jeffrey R. Harrow does an outstanding job of putting it all together for us, and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand. He stimulates the mind, piques the curiosity, and generally gets you more interested than you were before you came to the party. A very worthwhile read [or listen if it pleases you].


What can I say? The folks at Foresight continue to inform, research, and call to action. They have been, and continue to be, the leaders in getting the word out to the public. Based on the efforts of Foresight Chairman and Founder Eric Drexler, President Christine L. Peterson, Vice President Ralph C. Merkle, Webmaster James Lewis, and the rest of the team at Foresight, this site [in combination with IMM] has become known as a catalyst for debate, and is generally recognized as the most complete technical reference as well.

Institute for Molecular Manufacturing - IMM

Since 1991, the R&D and grant arm of Foresight. They are a nonprofit foundation, formed "to carry out research to develop MNT" and to "promote guidelines for research and development practices that will minimize risk from accidental misuse or from abuse of molecular nanotechnology." And in fact, that is just what they do, quite well! Visit them for their MNT images and descriptions - they are great!

News and discussions of coming technologies. Contains discussion and posts, from Medicine to Investment to Future Applications -- up to date and well worth reading!

Nanomedicine -- Art Gallery -- Robert A. Freitas Jr. Complete Exhibit List. Here you will find the best of the best collection of images, along with names and descriptions. I have spent hours here, and know that I will spend hours more! Superior quality graphics and understandable descriptions. Highly recommended to the novice and Nanotechnologist both.

Robert also wrote the book - literally - on the topic, called [appropriately enough] Nanomedicine "Nanomedicine may be defined as the monitoring, repair, construction and control of human biological systems at the molecular level, using engineered nanodevices and nanostructures." This book "represents a preliminary attempt to explore the full range of nanomedical applications, along with some details of the required foundational technical competencies."

The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil - the Video
Click on the link above, then go to the link labeled "The Singularity Is Near - Ray Kurzweil at Extro5 (Video)" By Raymond Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil presents his law of accelerating returns at EXTRO-5. [high speed line recommended]

or read The Law of Accelerating Returns

SMALL TECH 2001: A seven-day webcast examining the growth and development of MEMS, microsystems and nanotechnology. From October 9 - 17, 2001

Nick Bostrom

Nick's home page, with topics ranging from Transhumanism to the consequences of artificial intelligence, and more. Both interesting, and obviously well considered. A very good place to spend some of your valuable time.

Matter will become software

Small Times -- Big News In Small Tech
CMP Científica -- November 2001
The Tiny Revolution

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