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INSCX exchange (Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange) launches first series of nano-enabled LLDPE and PP commodity polymer contracts. INSCX formally commenced trade in a series of High UV/Anti-Static nano-enabled commodity polymer contacts during the European session earlier today. The result of collaborations between a leading UK based chemical and mineral solutions provider expert in nano-scale polymer toll processing, and the R&D Departments of NanoCentral and INSCX, the decision to add to the Official list a preliminary series of commodity polymer offerings was taken in response to the increasing demand of industry for more functional, practical and competitively commodity polymer offerings enabled through use of nanomaterials. For the first time nano-enabled polymers as formal exchange traded depositary receipts (ETDRs) now outmatch traditional base polymer offerings providing converters with instance access to price transparency, trade certainty, quality assurance and procurement flexibility.

INSCX exchange (Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange) launches first series of nano-enabled LLDPE and PP commodity polymer contracts

Wilton, UK | Posted on March 21st, 2011

A spokesperson for the Market Listing Committee for INSCX exchange outlined some of the benefits associated with the nanomaterials industry providing commodity polymer solutions using the exchange process.

"In the first instance the listing of these contracts means nanomaterial (NM) enabled commodity polymers now outpace trade efficiency and certainty offered to trade participants in standard LLDPE/PP bulk polymers. Secondly, the exchange delivers the absolute assurance of quality and (SHE) compliance demonstrating to the NM industry how both industrial scale demand and the self-regulatory process is being driven by the exchange process. NM suppliers are pointed to appreciate the fact buyers at industrial scale require the absolute of trade certainty to be delivered. Equally, the exchange process points to how industrial buyers and users of NM enabled commodities can exploit commercial opportunity in a compliant and structured manner best serving business continuity and societal interest. Trade Certainty means effective, competitive pricing and assurance on supply availability, quality and safety. The exchange offering provides not only the required certainty, but also creates a genuine demand for the various NMs used as base ingredients in polymer masterbatches and the means for NM suppliers to exploit this demand. We estimate demand in the first year for the preliminary offering of NM enabled commodity polymers to exceed 1,000,000 Metric Tons (MTs) creating a natural market for 100,000 MT of nano-enabled polymer masterbatches."

Continuing, the spokesperson pointed to the relevance of the development to existing polymer participants;

"The fact traditional polymers have no means available since the decision by the London Metal Exchange to delist commodity polymer contracts earlier this year to hedge or offset adverse price risk means even suppliers and users of traditional polymers can benefit from using INSCX as suppliers/users of base polymers to achieve pricing insurance. In light of confirmation through formal listing today that nano-enabled polymers are already outpacing traditional commodity polymers in terms of functionality, this clearly signals existing industry participants in the interest of self-preservation must now sit up and take notice of the relevance to themselves of nanomaterials.

Adjusting Existing Polymer Business:

NMs are today much more relevant as trade rivals in existing base commodity polymer sectors. These initial listings prove the relevance as fact and not appeal to the potential of futurism. The time therefore to adjust existing polymer business models to accommodate NMs is now urgent and the means through which to adjust to exploit opportunity in compliance with SHE good practice is through INSCX exchange. In fact a key rationale of INSCX was and remains to provide existing industry with the ability to accommodate and structure itself to cope given the radical, accelerative nature of NMs and nanoscience. When we consider the initial offering delivers between 100% and 400% greater ESD properties to base LLDPE and PP any polymer manufacturer failing to see the relevance is unnecessarily placing continuity of their existing polymer business model in peril.

LLDPE/PP High UV/Anti-Static Nano-Enabled Commodity Polymer Contracts.
Exchange listed Contracts are now live on INSCX in LLDPE Polymers (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) with trading launch of PP (Polypropylene) grades scheduled on close of the US session, March 21st, 2011. Contract Size 25 Metric Tons (includes Masterbatch and Base polymer supplied). Prices based on international prices for base polymer plus Masterbatch. Permitted Trade Types: Trade for physical delivery is enabled on a cash-settled and forward-settled basis, forward on a 3 month revolving cycle priced in line with the value date requirements of customers.

Official INSCX Price Quotes:

Earlier today pricing for High UV/Anti-Static LLDPE (LLAS1-4 Grades) was quoted (Asian Delivery) live on INSCX as of 2pm GMT were;
* UV/Anti-Static Nano-enabled LLDPE Polymer: ASA1 Grade $1800; ASA2 Grade $2025; ASA3 Grade $2250; ASA4 Grade $2500 x MT. ESD (Electro Static Discharge Protection) Grade 1 = 100% increase in Anti-Static properties (ASP), whereas Grade 4 = 400% increase in ASP.

*  Prices quoted FOB, Turkey.

(PPAS) High UV/Anti-Static Polypropylene:
INSCX will also be listing later today UV/Anti-Static PP (PPAS1-4 grades) as follows;
Homopolymer GP Injection Moulding Grade. MFR 12.
Homopolymer GP Injection Moulding Grade. MFR 20.
Homopolymer GP Injection Moulding Grade. MFR 25.
Homopolymer GP fibre ("Raffia") extrusion Grade. MFR 3.5.
Regional Contracts:
All contracts in High UV/Anti-Static LLDPE and PP will be available for Asian and European/North American regional delivery.  
All product to be supplied (SHE) Accredited, inspected (Agent: Intertek Plc) and DAS (Downstream Audit Sequenced) in accordance with rules and regulations of INSCX exchange.
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection
Wire and Cable.
These nano-enabled LLDPE/PP commodity polymers modify anti-static, electro and thermal conductivity of base LLDPE and PP polymers increasing ESD between 100 and 400% over standard available polymers. Availability is competitively priced in comparison to the current market offering of nano-enabled polymer solutions in line with base polymer price tolerances. This means industrial scale buyers requiring greater functionality in base Commodity Polymers now have the option to evaluate the commercial usefulness of nano-enabled solutions.
As formal INSCX exchange listed contracts supply guarantee, price transparency (Spot/Forward trade) and quality assurance is delivered in addition to full compliance with Nanomaterials (SHE), Safety, Health & Environment good practice across Upstream/Downstream interest through the supply-chain. Levels of compliance and accountability place the exchange commodity polymer offering above and beyond any observed currently by the wider nanomaterials industry.
Global Trade Access:
INSCX exchange is now operational across the three major financial time zones (Asia, Europe and North America) delivering instant price transparency and forward allocation/procurement availability to suppliers and users of all listed instruments including this first offering of nano-enabled commodity polymers.
Dealing Contacts:
To submit bids for listed nano-enabled polymer contracts contact the specialist dealing desks during the relevant local session. Global Dealing Direct Dial: Europe: + 44 203 137 5187. North America: + 1 646 470 4911. Asia: + 91 172 2584 771.


To register to be approved to use INSCX exchange, Upstream/Downstream users must in the first instance register direct with the exchange using the online link or through the Specialist Broker-Dealer, NCM/Stekram Limited. Specialist Central Registrations information via UK Dealing Desk: + 44 (0) 203 137 5187

Online Link:

Issued by:

Market Listing Committee
INSCX exchange
Nanocentral at the Centre for Process Innovation
The Wilton Centre
Redcar TS10 4RF
United Kingdom

General Enquiries: 0044 1782 454 144


The Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange) INSCX exchange, provides an open, transparent and compliant route to market for nanomaterials and nano enabled commodities. INSCX exchange is a member, rule-bound, electronic (ECN) commodity exchange formally going live, November 2010 functioning daily markets across Asia, Europe and North America. The rationale of INSCX relates to the fact commodity exchanges have been used since the 16th century to structure efficiencies in the allocation of raw materials, from enabling trade in grains, metals, oils, materials, agricultural and other products, the world's exchanges have interacted to deliver the essential variables of price discovery, material standards, global reporting and trade integrity central to fostering and sustaining commercial uptake. Building on centuries of exchange heritage, INSCX serves the risk management and commercial trading needs of global customers particular to the manufacture, use, application and exchange of engineered nanomaterials, advanced materials and nano-enabled commodities. INSCX is the world's only source of benchmark nanomaterials physical delivery futures and options products available on any exchange, covering all eleven Thematic classes, providing the market mechanism to empower nanomaterials to realise potential as the alternative, precision-engineered materials of the future.
In 2004 the United Kingdom DTI (Department of Trade and Industry), seeing a strategic need to accelerate UK involvement in Micro-Nano Technology (MNT), held an open competition to set up a national capability to promote its exploitation. As a result, a multi-regional alliance of technology providers has since 2006 been co-ordinated by NanoCentral, a component part of the Centre for Process Innovation created to accelerate the commercialisation of products incorporating micro-technology and nanomaterials for the benefit of industry and society.
INSCX exchange is a member of the NanoCentral Alliance of Specialist Providers in Nanotechnology overseen by the office of the CEO of NanoCentral, chair of the exchange supervisory Board of Governors while NanoCentral as a unit provides access to facilities and capabilities acting to enable the alliance of leading companies tasked to unlock the commercial and societal potential of nanomaterials by:
Forging industry wide collaborations across markets and supply chains
Providing industry access to key enabling technologies, facilities and expertise
Helping safely revitalise existing & develop new, nano-enabled, products.

For more information, please click here

Market Listing Committee
INSCX exchange
Nanocentral at the Centre for Process Innovation
The Wilton Centre
Redcar TS10 4RF
United Kingdom

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