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March 2nd, 2008

Papermaker advances scientific technique

Salman Aziz, a consultant with Integrated Paper Services, a private Appleton testing lab that performs analyses for paper and allied industries, said the use of microcapsules by a paper maker to enhance a non-paper consumer product is the transfer of technology at its best.

"There's much more now with nanotechnology, where you can manipulate particles at the nano (one billionth of an inch, or its it meter) level," Aziz said.

Nanotechnology refers to a level of miniaturization down to just slightly greater than atomic level.

"The problem is in the past we couldn't see at that level, and now we can," he said.

Aziz said nanotechnology is gaining in stature in the forest products sector.

Jeff Lindsay, director of solution development for Innovationedge, Neenah, said one of the most important innovations from the paper industry and related forest products realm are the generation of biofuels from cellulose.


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