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October 25th, 2007

10 Questions

Last week, the high-tech firm Elmarco, based in Liberec, north Bohemia, hosted a conference in Prague casting a spotlight on its breakthrough Nanospider technology, which allows the large-scale manufacturing of fabrics composed of ultrafine nanofibers. Ladislav Mareš, Elmarco's owner and CEO, talks to The Prague Post ahead of his trip next month to the United States, where he will accept an award from a NASA-sponsored nanotechnology magazine, one of only a few European firms honored.
➊ What are the origins of your Nanospider technology?
We started with the technology three years ago in collaboration with Liberec's Technical University. At that time it existed only on a small-lab scale and was only able to create water-soluble polymers. In 2005, we modified the technology for solvent-soluble polymers, and this year we started modifying the technology for melt spinning, which can produce synthetic materials without any solvents. That's on a lab scale now.

It's been an uncertain path: It's a new product, and launching a new product on the market is not easy — especially nanofibers. But now we plan to grow our nano business by 300 percent each year.


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