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October 23rd, 2007

Pong and the Future of the Presidentís Brain

To be sure, it was an impressive technology but it is still a fairly crude device. So to, though, was Pong when it first came out. And like that first video game, neural technology is only going to get better. Just as Pong was fueled by exponential advances in computer processing power, data storage and graphic software to the point where it could become a legitimate war-training tool; so too will brain neural technology be fueled by exponential advances in information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and the cognitive sciences to the point where it can become a viable and effective tool for our country's most senior decision-makers.

Today, there are more than 55,000 neuroscientists around the world working feverishly to increase our understanding of the human brain and improve its functions. In addition to accessing extensive databases in their quest to build better models of the brain, they are also adding ever more knowledge to those databases.


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