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October 20th, 2007

Livin' large in Leuven: IMEC-backed children's book reminds of sense of wonder

An illustrated children's book about an intrepid buccaneering bunny-girl was not what I expected to receive among the presentations, press releases, and other materials for IMEC's annual press review event. Meep Pirate (Mie Piraat in the original Flemish-Dutch) represents a part of the Belgian research center's outreach program, where it hopes to introduce--and entice---young kids into the world of technological gizmos.

Meep, targeted at the 4- to 7-year old crowd, tells the tale of the title character, her friends Badger and Hedgehog, and their imaginary piratical adventures. Along the way such tech tools as a telescope (talk about old school!), a laptop (using what appears to be live video over Internet), and night-vision goggles (not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gadgets for the young) make their way into the charmingly told and illustrated story. There's also a bit of good ol' engineering in the mix, when Meep and her pals use the "mast" from their pirate "ship" to "bridge" the pond that surrounds their "vessel."


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