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Home > Press > INSCX™ exchange to present a nanotechnology-based Emission Reduction Programme, Ankara, Turkey, June 2013

INSCX™ exchange is to present a nanotechnology-based structured emission reduction programme combining several nanotechnologies in a 3-day seminar scheduled June 2013 in Ankara, Turkey.

The presentation will be coordinated by regional representatives of the Exchange in Turkey supported by UK representatives, Professor Jeremy Ramsden, Chief Technical Officer and Mujdat Karatas, Director, INSCX™ exchange.

INSCX™ exchange to present a nanotechnology-based Emission Reduction Programme, Ankara, Turkey, June 2013

Manchester, UK | Posted on May 14th, 2013

The air we breathe is of primordial importance for human health. While global figures for malnutrition and lack of clean potable water are used by the UNO with sensational effect, air is actually the most essential. Logically, therefore, we must prioritize wholesome air.

Because of its essentiality, we have the least control over our air intake. One can readily refuse food if it appears foul, and likewise with water, but we cannot stop breathing. If the air is polluted, we inevitably inhale the pollutants, and from the lungs they pass to the bloodstream and to every cell in the body.

Even in the civilizations of antiquity such as Rome, bad air was sometimes a problem. The growth of our technological capabilities has made it ubiquitous, far outstripping our ability to clean it—conventional filtration technology is cumbersome and expensive.

Nanotechnology has the potential to change this, offering cost-effective, permanent solutions for enjoying clean air.


A number of technologies are to be presented:

Mass deployment of nano-enabled fuel catalyst and lubricity technologies, solutions to enable improvement in urban and rural air quality and greater efficiency in agriculture. The programme coincides with a four day event enabling interaction with Turkish state agencies, producers and end-users in both traditional sectors the Exchange lists for trade across polymers, base oils and titanium dioxide to nanomaterials, nanocommodities, objects and devices. Commenting on the initiative which coincides with the opening of the Exchange representative office in Ankara, Turkey, an exchange spokesperson added;

"We have long suggested nanotechnology should aim to provide real-world resource solutions integrated with existing commercial and societal models as a means to both deliver societal benefit and commercial traction to producers and downstream users. Here the Exchange will be demonstrating where potential can translate to fact and where our producing members can acquire the sale through a structured, self-regulatory, accountable and self-financing system of trade".

Presenting at the invitation of the Exchange will be its collaborative partners in insurance, nanotoxicology, fabrication upscale and materials characterisation. Individual NM producers structuring sale of underlying nanomaterials and nanocommodities through the Exchange will be offered the opportunity to present and interact with end customers where demand interest has been generated through the efforts of the Exchange trade desk.

Part of the programme will focus on providing hedging and capital upscale solutions in both traditional and emerging materials sectors. "The Exchange has a systematic approach to address both obstacles", a spokesperson added.


About INSCX™ Exchange
INSCX™ exchange [Central Clearing Limited] is a commercial user commodity exchange for physical delivery of underlying materials against listed contracts. Registration Number: 07787171. Disclaimer: To the extent the user is entitled to disclose and distribute this document, the user may forward, distribute, and/or photocopy this copyrighted document only if unaltered and complete, including all of its headers, footers, disclaimers, and other information to appropriate parties only. INSCX™ exchange, Merchant Member firms thereof and/or Members admitted to the Official List [the “parties”] do not guarantee, represent, warrant, or otherwise guarantee, expressly or impliedly, the merchantability of material(s) supplied against contract(s), fitness for a particular purpose, or suitability of underlying material(s). The user is solely responsible for all determinations regarding any use of underlying material(s) supplied against contract(s) and any process in its territories of interest. The parties expressly disclaim liability for any loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly suffered or incurred as a result of, or related to anyone using the underlying material(s). Exchange provision is enabled for user guidance on purchase of supporting Technical Support Contract(s) [TSC] relevant to the material(s) and reference to regulated and industry approved insurers. Listed contract(s) are not promoted as suitable for investment purposes, as defined by the UK Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) provisions. Underlying material(s) delivered against contract(s) are subject to independent assurance to specification(s), good delivery, and in the case of engineered nanomaterials [NMs], compliance with Nanomaterials Safety, Health & Environment [SHE] good practices and INSCX™ “Track and Trace”.

For more information, please click here

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United Kingdom

44 1782 454 144

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