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October 31st, 2007

The Coming Market Triumph

A personal nanofactory will make almost all physical goods, including food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, etc. nearly free. It will also be able to make larger products - like furniture, cars and houses - either with a larger nanofactory or in a modular fashion, to be assembled by humans or by robots.

Nanotechnology will also make possible blood-cell sized robots, which can perform precise and painless surgery; kill pathogens and cancer in seconds; clear the arteries of the heart of plaque; deliver oxygen to the tissues so efficiently that it will be possible to sit at the bottom of a swimming pool for hours or run a marathon without taking a breath; repair wounds or broken bones in hours; align teeth in minutes; or repair or replace teeth, with synthetic material indistinguishable down to the molecular level from natural teeth, painlessly in minutes.

Nanotechnology will completely decentralize energy, making everything solar and electricity, heat and air-conditioning free; making all fossil fuels and other polluting technologies obsolete; and will quickly, easily and cheaply clean up all existing pollution.


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