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October 16th, 2007

Nanotrend #2: Fresher Food

Last week, had an innocous-sounding article posted on its website entitled "Frying Oil Stays Fresh Longer Through Nanotechnology." A cursory review of the article finds that this seemingly mundane advance could end up having a very big impact on the restaurant industry.

Here's why. The company which was developed the technology, OilFresh, has created an advanced nanoceramic material that acts as a powerful catalytic anti-oxidant device. Among other things, this material allows for a shorter frying time (and thus saves on energy usage); the quality of the oil stay stays fresher longer (meaning restaurants can maintain the quality of, say, their french fries over a longer period of time); and the technology is easy to use and maintain. As an added benefit the technology even allows restaurants to switch to a healthier vegetable oil.


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