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October 3rd, 2007

Kyrgyz Nanotechnologies

The Nanotechnologies Development Board in Kyrgyzstan was established and vice prime-minister of Kyrgyz Republic Dosbol Nur uulu held its first meeting on October 3, informs KABAR. During the meeting, the current state of nanotechnologies in Kyrgyzstan was discussed. It was decided, that the interested ministries should prepare proposals for development of such technologies.

No doubt that nanoscience and nanotechnologies have become one of the perspective areas of science, industry, and business. However, it requires not only significant financial and intellectual resources, which only rich developed countries can afford, but also a good basis of fundamental science and research. One may ask, whether it is more a political decision to have this kind . Or it is a real concern of the Kyrgyz government as it sees the development lag from other countries. Indeed, as it was told many times, Kyrgyzstan with little mineral and energetic resources can get a chance to take a decent place in world economy using its intellectual workforce.


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