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Research and Markets ( ) has announced the addition of "Nanotechnology: Micro Generation Of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries World Energy Market Shifts, Forecasts, and Strategies, 2007-2013" to their offering.

Nanotechnology Enables Thin Film Battery Manufacturers to Create Batteries 40 Times More Efficient than Current Ones

DUBLIN, Ireland | Posted on February 19th, 2007

Nanotechnology is providing us with next generation systems that rely on micro-generation of energy stored in thin film batteries. Nanotechnology works on both sides of the equation. Solar and wind generators are made more efficient by the use of nanoparticles in the drive and collector mechanisms. Thin film batteries use new materials created using nanotechnology to achieve components that are used to manufacture batteries 40 times more efficient than current batteries.

World energy market shifts are a result of these new renewable energy and storage technologies. Wind and solar energy can be generated and stored as DC current in residential settings. Wind and solar power can be stored by using thin film batteries that in turn are used to power electronics, LED lights, and small appliances in the home. Systems work using a direct current (DC) power system that supplements the power coming off the grid into the home.

Wind and solar generators operating in residential settings store energy in thin film batteries for use in autos. Wind and solar power stored in thin film batteries can be used to power cars by hooking the car battery to the home battery with a wire and a plug at each end of the wire. This assumes that there are lots and lots of solar panels, small windmills like would be used on a boat, and thin film batteries. The billions of units needed create economies of scale and bring prices of these products well below the $100 per unit price.

Wind power and solar power are anticipated to be long-term energy sources for thin film batteries used to run cars and to provide a DC power connection in the home. Campus based stationary fuel cells, depend on landfill and wastewater treatment plants to provide gas for providing energy to manufacture hydrogen.

Micro-generation of energy is set to bring a worldwide economic revolution brought by the availability of thin film batteries that are more fuel-efficient, charge within minutes, and hold a charge 40 times longer than existing batteries. Thin film batteries can be charged from renewable energy sources and used to power the home and car.

Industrialization requires sustainable, highly efficient energy. Fossil fuel generation is being replaced by clean, renewable energy. Wind and solar energy can be stored in thin film batteries for residential and transportation uses. Renewable energy can be stored in the form of hydrogen for fleet and campus applications.

They do not take the home off grid, but they power lights, electronics, small appliances, and the car battery.

Thin film batteries support micro-generation of energy by making it possible to generate and store energy in the home. The battery is then used through a direct current wiring system that complements grid wring. LED light systems, electronics, small appliances, very small refrigeration systems, and hot water can be implemented piece meal in a home using a combination of small wind generators, solar panels, and thin film batteries to store the power that comes from the green renewable energy systems.

Increasingly societies are realizing that micro-generation has a role to play in combating global warming, increasing security of energy supplies, alleviating fuel poverty, and generally creating sustainable communities.

Micro generators include wind and solar have not been as efficient as buying electricity from the grid. Micro generation has developed independently of a grid connected house, office, or factory on boats and away from civilization. Now that technology is ready for mainstream use. Once the micro wind turbine has been purchased energy is free, and now it can be stored efficiently, which was never possible before. So there are very good reasons to install micro generation.

For homeowners seeking true electrical grid independence, micro-power generation takes away the dependence and limitations of the electric distribution grid, in a remote standalone package. Other systems provide heat for the home. This lets the homeowner live just about anywhere, in the mountains or deep woods, in the desert or on an island. Now that same technology is ready for the cities and the suburbs.

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Nanotechnology: Micro Generation of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries Market Shifts Executive Summary

1. World Energy Market Shifts: Micro Generation of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries -- Market Dynamics and Market Description

2. Nanotechnology: Micro Generation of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries Market Shifts, Shares, and Forecasts

3. World Energy Market Shifts: Wind and Solar Micro Generation of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries Product Description

4. World Energy Market Shifts: Micro Generation of Energy Stored in Thin Film Batteries Technology

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