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Handbook of Photochemistry and Photobiology

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Hari Singh Nalwa
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Handbook of Photochemistry and Photobiology
Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry

"The breadth of the fields covered, the multidisciplinary approaches involved, the wide span of activities concerned require a source for quickly obtaining clear, expert and up-to-date information. The present monumental Handbook of Photochemistry and Photobiology fills such a need. It will be an invaluable tool for a very wide range of scientists from different areas in chemistry, biology, physics, materials science as well as in industry."

Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize Laureate
Handbook of Photochemistry and Photobiology is a major reference work that includes the most recent advances and emerging new aspects of photochemistry and photobiology currently studied in academic and industrial research. The four volumes draw on three decades of pioneering research on various aspects of the photochemical and photobiological sciences such as photochemical processes, excited states, energy transfer, mechanism and kinetics of photochemical reactions, emission or absorption spectroscopy, photochemical conversion, solar cells, photocatalysis, photosensitization, photoinitiated polymerization, epoxy polymers, photorefractive polymers supramolecules, dendrimers, photochromic compounds, photoreception, photosynthesis, UV and visible radiation effects, photodynamic therapy, photomedicines, etc. The handbook contains 45 state-of-the-art chapters written by over 90 international experts from 15 countries. The handbook has been divided into four thematic volumes:


Volume 1: Inorganic Photochemistry

  • Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, J. M. Kroon, B. C. O'Regan, J. A. M. van Roosmalen,
    and W. C. Sinke, The Netherlands

  • Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrochemical Solar Cells, N. Y. M. Iha, C. G. Garcia,
    and C. A. Bignozzi, Brazil/Italy

  • Photochemistry of Oligosilanes and Polysilanes, M. Kira and R. Badugu, Japan
  • Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions of Organosilicon Compounds, T. Tamai, T. Hayamizu,
    and K. Mizuno, Japan

  • Ion-Pair Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds, N. Y. M. Iha and V. K. L. Osorio, Brazil
  • Molecular Beam Photochemistry of Group-14 Organometallic Precursors, M. Sulkes, USA
  • Photoinduced Metal Deposition on Semiconductor Particles, T. Wu, Y. Li, and M. Chu, USA
  • Excited State Redox Reactions of Transition Metal Complexes, S. Ronco and G. Ferraudi, USA
  • Analysis of Photocatalytically Reactive Systems: Kinetic Modeling and Reactor Design via
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, V. K. Pareek and A. A. Adesina, Australia
  • Effects of High Magnetic Fields on Photochemical Reactions, Y. Tanimoto and Y. Fujiwara, Japan

Volume 2: Organic Photochemistry

  • Epoxies: Structures, Photoinduced Cross-Linking, Network Properties, and Appilcations,
    V. Strehmel, Germany
  • Photochemistry of Fullerenes, M. Fujitsuka and O. Ito, Japan
  • Photochemistry of Drugs, A. Albini and E. Fafani, Italy
  • Organic Charge Transport Materials for Zerographic Imaging, D. M. Goldie, UK
  • Laser Transfer of Organic Molecules, J. Hobley, S. Nishio, K. Hatanaka, and Fukumura, Japan
  • Photochemistry of Cycloheptatrienes and Their Related Tropylium Ions, W. Abraham
    and V. Kharlanov, Germany

  • Cationic Photopolymerization, R. Lazauskaite and J. V. Grazulevicius, Lithuania
  • Photochemical Polar Addition, M. Yasuda and K. Mizuno, Japan
  • Photomechanical Responses in Photochromic Molecular Films and Related Phenomena,
    T. Seki, Japan
  • Photorefractive Polymers and Liquid Crystals, H. Ono and N. Kawatsuki, Japan
  • Photoinduced Electron Transfer Reactions of Organic Substances with Oxygen in Solutions and Zeolite Nanocavities, M. Kojima, Japan

Volume 3: Supramolecular Photochemistry

  • Fluorescence Studies of Supramolecular Host-Guest Inclusion Complexes, B. D. Wagner, Canada
  • Inclusion Complexes of Cyclodestrins in Aqueous Solutions, S. Hamai and A. Nakamura, Japan
  • Cyclodestrin-Based Photoluminescent Systems: Shedding Light on the Bottomless Vessel,
    S. Fery-Forgues et al., France
  • Photochemical and Photophysical Properties of Dendrimers, P. Ceroni and A. Juris, Italy
  • Luminescent Sensors and Switches, A. Prasanna de Silva, G. D. McClean, T. S. Moody,
    and S. M. Weir, Ireland

  • Luminescent Chemosensors for Metal Ions, M. Montalti, L. Prodi, and N. Zaccheroni, Italy
  • Photochemical Molecular Devices Based on Pseudorotaxanes, Rotaxanes, and Catenanes,
    A. Credi, Italy
  • Energy Migratoin and Light-Induced Charge Transfer at Phthalocyanine Surfaces, E. van Faassen
    and D. Schlettwein, The Netherlands/Germany

  • Photochromic Systems Based on Synthetic Flavylium Compounds and Their Potential Use as Molecular-Level Memory Elements, F. Pina, M. Maestri, and V. Balzani, Portugal/Italy
  • Photooxidation of Hydrocarbons in Cation-Exchanged Zeolites, V. H. Grassian and S. C. Larsen, USA
  • Quantum Mechanical Design of Photoactive Molecular Machines and Logical Devices,
    A. Tamulis et al. Lithuania
Volume 4: Photobiology
  • Clinical Use of Photodynamic Therapy for Treatment and Photodetection in Gastroenterology,
    H. C. Wolfsen, E. M. Ward, USA
  • Mechanism of Tumor Destruction by Photodynamic Therapy, M. Korbelik and I. Cecic, Canada
  • Photodynamic Effects on Cultured Tumor Cells. Cytoskeleton Alterations and Cell Death Mechanisms,
    A. Villanueva, R
    . Vidania, J. C. Stockert, M. Cañete, and A. Juarranz, Spain
  • Visual Transduction and Rhodopsin Regeneration, C. Cugnoli, A. Morelli, and I. M. Pepe, Italy
  • Stress Proteins in the Photobiology of Mammalian Skin, F. Trautinger, Austria
  • Cryptochromes and Flavoprotein Blue-Light Photoreceptors, M. Ahmad, France
  • Chloroplast Biogenesis: Chlorophyll Biosynthetic Heterogeneity, Multiple Biosynthetic Routes, and Biological Spin-Offs, C. A. Rebeiz, V. L. Kolossov, D. Briskin, and M. Gawienoski, USA
  • Photosensory Pathways Regulating Chloroplast Gene Expression, D. A. Christopher, USA
  • Photosystem I: Structure/Function and Assembly of a Transmembrane Light-Driven Plastocyanin/Cytochrome C6-Ferredoxin Oxidoreductase, F. Sommer and M. Hippler, Germany
  • Light-Dependent Hydrogen Metabolism and Generation by Cyanobacteria, R. Wünschiers
    and P. Lindblad, Sweden

  • Effects of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation on Aquatic Primary Producers, D.-P. Häder, Germany
  • Photobiological Hydrogen Metabolism and Hydrogenases from Green Algae,
    R. Wünschiers, Sweden
  • Interfacial Photochemistry of Biomembranes, F. T. Hong, USA
  • Most up-to-date reference work summarizing three decades of pioneering research in photochemistry and photobiology.
  • A unique source of in-depth knowledge of recent advances in inorganic, organic and supramolecular photochemistry.
  • Most up-to-date emerging aspects of photodynamic therapy and many other topics in the
    field of photobiology.
  • Contains 45 state-of-the-art chapters written by over 90 internationally renowned experts from 15 countries.
  • About 10,000 bibliographic citations and thousands of illustrations, figures, tables, chemical structures, and equations.
  • The handbook is intended for a wide audience including researchers, students, and professors working in the field of photochemistry, photobiology, supramolecular photochemistry, laser photochemistry, silicon photochemistry photophysics, photocatalysis, solar energy, materials science, polymer science, photobiological sciences, biochemistry, plant biology, photomedicine, phototechnology, nanotechnology, etc.



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