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CTC Nanotechnology GmbH

CTC Nanotechnology GmbH is one of the first companies in nanotechnology and bionic-engineering in germany. In 1999, it sold the products of the company CTC Weil Chemo Tec. accepted. Through the takeover and further development of the products, as well as the well-founded, decades-long expertise from nanotechnology and bionic-engineering, it is CTC Nanotechnology GmbH succeeded in producing extraordinary and everyday nano-coating and nano-sealing products marketable to manufacture and placement. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH currently manufactures over 680 various nano-coating and nano-sealant products for finishing- treatment of different surfaces. A distinction is made between 20 different product qualities: consumer, commercial and industrial products. Special benefits include the refinement of industrial surfaces, such as facades or glass surfaces, as well as easy-to-clean and self-clean effects for car windshields, car paints, rims or kitchens surfaces made of stainless steel and much more. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH manufactures high-quality nano products, nano coatings and nano sealants and hydrophobic agents. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH is used in the following applications and products from nano-coating and nano-sealant -and varnishes or nano lacquers. Water repellents and varnishes for all material surfaces with 9H, anti-stick effect, anti-stick systems, anti-mud effect, scratch-resistant systems, easy-to-clean surfaces for all material surfaces with anti-adhesion, anti-stick effect, non stick, non sticky products, anti-stick systems, anti-mud effect, scratch-resistant systems, scratch-proof systems, easy-to-clean surfaces, hydrophobic –super hydrophobic- hydrophilic and oliphobic as well as stain resistant surfaces, corrosion protection systems, bionic self -clean systems, uv-resistant surfaces, weather-resistant surfaces, temperature-resistant systems, anti-fingerprint systems, abrasion-resistant surfaces, graffiti protection systems, lime-repellent surfaces, wear resistant systems, permanent impregnation, permanent sealant, permanent coating as well as coatings and sealants with a combination of several properties at the same time. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH products are manufactured according to the latest EC directives; the production and development are subject to special quality controls. In the CTC Nanotechnology GmbH laboratory the own developed products are subjected to special hardening tests. In doing so, maximum value is placed on perfect product quality. Continuous further development The CTC Nanotechnology GmbH products, the cleaning systems and application procedures guarantee the global market leadership in nanotechnology market. The CTC Nanotechnology GmbH field of activity is development and production functional, nano technical coating systems. Experienced employees ensure the customer trouble-free problem solutions. Product developments are on schedule in compliance with the latest scientific knowledge and on budget executed. CTC Nanotechnology GmbH has been awarded the Innovation Prize 2006 of the German industry for automotive, and in 2007 for his textile products


Gewerbegebiet/Heiligenwies 20
Merzig, Saarland Germany
06861 77733

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