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Founded by John W. Moore, Nanotec-USA produces Nano-Bionic Nanotechnology Smart Surface Treatments for automotive, architectural, marine, aerospace, and flat screen displays.

Nanotec-USA has been working with Fortune 500 companies to make surfaces easier to clean and to reduce aero-drag and facilitate water repellency. Nanotec-USA has also treated motorized construction equipment to reduce the build-up of mud on the vehicles and make them easier to clean with a pressure washer. Nanotec-USA has treated racing boats to help increase speeds. Nanotec-USA has sponsored ProMotor Sports by providing surface protection products on their featured SEMA vehicles since 2005.

Nanotec-USA has treated several law enforcement, military and emergency vehicles. Nano-Bionics treatment benefits: Reduction in aero-drag, water and rain repellent, dirt repellent, increased aerodynamics, laminar flow of air and water, self-cleaning effect, corrosion resistance, increased safety and visibility, reduces the build up of ice and snow, long term protection, replaces traditional protective surface sealants and is environmentally friendly. Industries served: aerospace, automotive, FLIR, military vehicles to include tanks, race cars and boats, flat panel display screens, NASA and other transportation and technology industries.


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