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MicroBond Technologies

After centuries of "bigger is better", the future now belongs to visionaries who can see the incredible potential of true nanotechnology. At MicroBond Technologies, we're leading the way to better corrosion resistant coatings with Coretrate™. Unlike other nano coatings that merely coat the surface, Coretrate™ is a metal sealant that penetrates into metal up to 50% to chemically bind with the many free ions within the material, as well as on the substrate. As a result, Coretrate™ creates a permanent, indestructible shield against corrosion and friction for metals of all kinds. Without any negative impact on the environment. Which makes Coretrate™ the ideal corrosion resistant coating for engines/OEM, marine use, structural engineering and manufacturing and more.


P.O. Box 275
Stillwater, MN 55082 USA

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