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Chiral Photonics

As a light routing medium, glass fiber is the gold standard. Its many benefits are well-known - easy integration, high power handling, harsh environment tolerance, flexible form factor, variable wavelength accommodation, low cost and scalable manufacturability. Chiral Photonics' Helica™ product line shares each and every one of these benefits because this full family of building block components - sensors, couplers, filters, and lasers - are all-glass and all-fiber, through and through.

Each Helica™ in-fiber component is formed by directly twisting fiber to form a helical, or chiral, core within the fiber. The twist profile determines the fiber's functionality. This tightly controlled, scalable process has been developed at Chiral Photonics over the last decade, resulting in exceptionally performing components without the need for photosensitivity, or thin-films that can limit component performance and applicability.


26 Chapin Road, Unit 1104
Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9210 USA

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