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Gcore Group, Inc.

We, in GCore Group, Inc., are pioneers in marketing high quality products processed through nanotechnology.We distribute SeedGROWTH, the first liquid organic fertilizer/soil conditioner proccesed through nanotechnology.

Nutrients of SeedGROWTH are processed by tri-atomic processors to become one billion times smaller than a meter or 100, 000 smaller than a single hair strand. This gives SeedGROWTH the capability to penetrate plant cells three times faster than other farm inputs. This also rapidly neutralizes soil acidity and balances soil ph level, especially when applied during land preparation.

This is best use for rice, corn and other grains, vegetables, fruits, fruit-bearing-trees, flowers, orchids and other crops.

In the near future, we will be formally launching a variant of SeedGROWTH processed through picotechnology - a technology that can make nutrients trillion times smaller than a meter.

We are looking for wholesale buyers and distributors.


#10 Scout Borromeo corner Mother Ignacia Streets, South Tria
Quezon City Philippines

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