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Nano Sol Systems, Inc.

Nano Sol Systems (Nano Sol) is a growing conglomerate involved in the Nanotechnology and Solar Energy sectors. Nano Sol Systems is a leader in the emerging industry of Nanotechnologies. Our mission is to convert sunlight into electrical energy using integrated nanotechnology for micro- and thin-film applications. Nano Sol believes that by combining these two technologies they can add significant value to their share price by the acquisition of other companies involved in these fields.

Our strategy is to acquire or deploy proprietary technologies that will:

* Harness the solar energy with a small footprint
* Require low capital cost and low operating cost
* Become an integral building and construction material
* Bring value to commercial product applications
* Have the ability to be rapidly and economically deployed to sites worldwide


3616 Far West Blvd., Suite 117-112
Austin, TX 78731 USA

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