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Isotron Corporation

sotron is a highly innovative, technology-based environmental services and clean energy company. Isotron has served the nation in developing policy, Concept of Operations and technologies to address large scale remediation challenges associated with terrorist, industrial and accidental environmental contamination scenarios. Isotron has worked with teams within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Environmental Protection Agency to develop technology-based environmental remediation plans for contamination threats within the nuclear complex, urban environments and throughout the US water infrastructure. Isotron's technical core competency is in the fields of electrochemistry and polymer science and especially in the convergency fo these two fields. Projects that the Isotron team have undertaken in recent years include:

* Wide-Area Decontamination Technologies
* Electrochemical water sensor systems
* High flow-through, regenerable water decontamination systems
* Peelable coatings for large-scale cleanup projects
* Chemical, Biological and Radiological Countermeasure Technologies
* Advanced Protective Coatings for Equipment
* Expedient Shelter Coatings
* Blast and Dust Mitigation Composites

Isotron's founding team has an established track record in the development, specification and commercialization of innovative electrochemical and polymer decontamination technologies for environmental protection and recovery.

To these ends, Isotron regularly employs innovative polymer science, nanotechnology and electrochemistry technologies.


1443 N. Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103 USA

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