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EnerG2, in collaboration with the University of Washington Department of Materials Science & Engineering, has developed unique and proprietary sol-gel processing technologies. Sol-gel processing is a technique in which colloidal suspensions are gelled to form a solid. EnerG2 has developed the ability to control the hydrolysis and condensation reactions within the gelation process to establish fine control over the material structure. EnerG2's enhanced sol-gel processing produces engineered surface structures and pore size distributions through control of the molecular self-assembly of the gel. The resulting materials are effectively customized for the target application.

Most commercially available materials for energy storage are produced from naturally occurring precursors. Much of the final performance of the derivative materials is determined by natural physical properties of the selected precursor. Important characteristics such as pore size distribution and purity are fixed within the natural precursor and are merely exposed by various processing approaches. The EnerG2 approach is fundamentally different. By building our materials up from basic molecules, EnerG2 completely controls the structure and purity of our products and effectively circumvents today's energy storage performance limitations.

EnerG2 has developed our processing capabilities with an explicit and aggressive focus on cost control. While nanotechnology is typically associated with expensive processing, EnerG2 has leveraged large-scale commercial processing technologies from established industries to design a production process that is both relatively inexpensive and inherently scalable.


810 3rd Avenue, Suite 120
Seattle, WA 98104 USA

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