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Nano-Tech Srl is a young and dynamic research company aiming at developing, producing and commercialize nano-based materials for the industries and the research. Our products have application in all fields of mechanical, aerospace, automotive, chemical, nautical and biomedical industry. The addition of nanomaterial to products leads to new improved mechanic and thermo-electrical proprieties, with benefits for the safety, durability and performance of your projects. The proprieties of our products are suitable for very diverse applications. Our Nano-Epoxy resins are at the edge of innovation in thermosetting polymers. They give to composites enhanced impact resistance, compression resistance and dumping proprieties.
Epoxy resin is a good thermal and electrical insulating materials. Nano-Tech developed a conductive nano-epoxy with multiple applications.
Nano-tech in collaboration with its industrial partner created a new line of nanotechnological additives that increase the scratch and abrasion resistance of acrylic and polyurethane paints. The nano nature of the products deliver exceptional results without altering paint color or optical proprieties.


105 industriale campolungo
Ascoli Piceno 63100 ITALY

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