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Smart Imaging Technologies

At Smart Imaging Technologies we understand that most of our clients need solutions to specific and often unique problems - solutions that work.

Our goal is to accelerate research and development projects while minimizing the risks and maximizing the value of project specific software products.

We provide not only a set of unique and capable software tools, but also advanced research and development capabilities for analyzing specific problems and delivering complete solutions in areas of quantitative image analysis and 3D computational modeling of particulate materials.

Using our in-house scientific expertise and our unique flexible software products we can create custom solutions tailored to individual needs of our clients, often in the matter of days.

We also can aid R&D projects by outsourcing a part of the development process and complimenting the core expertise of our clients in order to shorten project cycle and increase ROI.


1770 Saint James Place, Suite 414
Houston, TX 77056 USA
+1 713.589.3500

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