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Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc.

Shrink represents the first start-up company from the University of California Merced, and brings together leading scientists, business advisors and an executive team that is dedicated to bringing its exclusively licensed technology to the commercial marketplace. Shrink solutions, including its substrates, devices and research tools are being designed to not only mechanically effective in the solar energy, environmental detection, stem cell and biotechnology markets, they are also being made from biodegradable materials, including corn-based plastics.

Shrink has created the Shrink Chip Manufacturing Solution™ which utilizes the unique characteristics of Shrink Chips™. Made from a shrinkable thermo-plastic material, Shrink Chips™ enable complex structures to be designed at the macro-scale, while retaining the original designs on a much smaller scale. Shrink's applications can be designed and prototyped in a few hours and in a cost-effective manner versus conventional methods utilizing silicon or other materials that require costly fabrication equipment and labor intensive processes. Shrink creates features retract uniformly, to a fraction of the original size. Because the patterned features "shrink," Shrink devices do not require high-resolution printing which is otherwise necessary to achieve such fine features. This flexible and elegant design and fabrication solution reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive clean room equipment and vastly improves time-to-market for products in Shrink's focused market segments.


2038 Corte Del Nogal, Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA 92011 USA
760-804-8844 x205

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