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Nanocopoeia, Inc.

Nanocopoeia is a drug delivery company developing a nanotechnology-enabled portfolio of therapeutic products.

Nanocopoeia's technology, which we call the ElectroNanospray™ (ENS) process. What differentiates ENS from other processes is a unique co-axial spray nozzle. This patented nozzle allows us to create complex, composite nanoscale particles from a wide range of compounds. These compound particles form the basis of many of the specialized coatings and drug formulations that Nanocopoeia has developed. With the coaxial capillary nozzle, two spray streams of different composition merge at the cone jet tip. This has two significant implications: it permits spraying of materials that are difficult to spray by traditional methods (e.g. immiscible fluids) and it also creates the possibility of encapsulating the core fluid material, resulting in "core-shell" nanoparticles.


1246 West University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104 USA

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