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Nano Powder Canada (A Division of Cealtec Products Inc.)

Cealtec™ Products Inc. and Nano Powder Canada under Strategic Agreement distribute core Nano Metal & Ceramic Fibre products that are leading new industrial innovation since the beginning of the 21st century.

Cealtec™ Products Inc. was established in March, 2007 and in 2009 established a division called Nano Powder Canada for the distribution of Nano Metal Powders & Ceramic Fibres as well as Pulsed Wires Evaporation (PWE) manufacturing plants to produce Nano Powders, with the aim of being a major global supplier within the new nano technology wave. Various R&D projects related to this Nano Technology have been developed and production of several new Advanced Leading Edge products has evolved as follows;

- Pulsed Wire Evaporation (PWE) System to produce Nano Powder
- Magnetic Pulsed Compaction (MPC) System to compact Nano Powder
- Metal/Ceramic Nano Powder : Al, Cu, Fe, Ag, Sn, W, Zn, Cu-Ni Alloy, CuO, ZnO, SnO2
- Nano Fiber : Al2O3, Fe2O3
- Ceal Doctor™ Self-Healing Nano Engine Healing Treatment & Advanced Lubricant


4131 Vanguard Rd.
Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2P6 Canada

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