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Filigree Nanotech

Filigree Nanotech is a company focusing on silver nanomaterials manufacturing, technology developing and end-user product applications. The featured products are silver nanowire and nanocube products based on various specifications and applications. The silver nanostructures can be implemented into various industries in domestic, defensive and academic research fields as following:

1. Electrical Conductive Adhesive, Thermo Conductive Adhesive, Conductive Paste, Conductive Ink, Electro Magnetic Shielding, Semiconductor Chips, Display Device

2. Biomedical Imaging, Photonic Electron Connector, Negative Refractive Index Materials, Glass, Artwork

3. Antibacterial Material, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-chips, Bio-sensor

4. Catalyst, Chemical Analysis

5. Battery and fuel cell


3455 University Pkwy
Winston Salem, NC 27106 USA
+1 (412) 496-0870

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