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Ormecon International

ORMECONŽ is a synthetic polymer which displays metallic properties. At the same time it can also function as a catalyst and exhibits many further interesting properties.

Ormecon GmbH produces its product as a solid with 10 nm sized particles. For industrial application it is usually dispersed in different media, e.g. water, polar and non-polar organic solvents or even in other polymers. The particle size can be varied between 10 and 100 nm depending on application.

In this case, what is generally still considered by the public to be only a vision, has in fact become a reality:

Nanotechnology in industrial use

* solderable surface finish (>> ORMECON CSN, >> Organic Metal NANOFINISH)
* >> Electroluminescence
* >> Conductive Coatings
* >> Corrosion Protection
* >> Dispersions


Ferdinand-Harten-Str. 7
Ammersbek D-22949 Germany

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