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Carbodeon is leading the way in carbon nanomaterials, developing, manufacturing and supplying the best of carbon nanotechnology. With its emphasis on application-led product development, high purity, quality control and the supply of industrial quantities, it is active globally with a growing number of industries. Its customers include leading companies, from sector-leading corporations to dynamic SMEs, and leading research institutes.Carbodeon's key products include uDiamond® nanodiamond products, Nicanite® graphitic carbon nitride and PVD targets based on Nicanite® and new composite materials.

The extensive nanodiamond product range is based on Carbodeon's application-focussed development approach with products designed as additives for a number of industrial applications and as advanced materials for industrial processes. These include thermal management, electroplating, anodising, lubricants, durable coatings, polishing, CVD seeding pre-treatment and polymer mechanical applications, as well as further developing areas.

Nicanite® graphitic carbon nitride, produced by Carbodeon's patented production technology, offers new and rapidly emerging applications technology. For example, as thin films, Nicanite produces hard, wear-resistant coatings which can be made optically transparent. The use of Nicanite® is subject to active R&D activity, globally. Carbodeon manufactures and supplies a range of PVD targets for industry-based developments and for research.

Carbodeon also provides customer-specific technical development services enabling rapid and successful customer applications developments.

Visit Carbodeon's website to learn more.

[ * Insight Interasia (India) is authorized agent for Carbodeon in India ]

Contact us via:

Sales contact for customers - India

Mr. Mohan Tilak, Country Manager - Insight Interasia
TEL: +91 98221 99654



18 Vidyasagar Soc Bibawewadi
Pune, Maharashtra 411037 India

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