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Carigent Therapeutics Inc.

Carigent is a privately held biotechnology firm located in New Haven, CT dedicated to the development of next generation therapeutics and diagnostic agents using a propriety drug delivery platform which is extremely versatile and robust. The platform allows for controlled release of therapeutic agents, tethering of surface ligands, targeting of therapy to a particular physiological site, and the ability to combine multiple agents into one vehicle made primarily from FDA approved materials. The technology is unique since it incorporates a high density of surface ligands into established, well-characterized, safe materials which allow…

§ incredible flexibility in targeting the delivery system for a variety of disease states

§ ability to combine imaging agents with drug, and/or

§ enhancment of in vivo circulation times.

The company was founded in 2007 with a team focused on generating a comprehensive product pipeline in multiple therapeutic areas including cancer treatment, antibody therapeutics, and siRNA delivery. The business strategy centers on the core technology of surface-modified, nanoparticle encapsulation of therapeutic agents where Carigent develops drug products both internally and in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leaders, using generic, commercially available drugs or proprietary compounds.


5 Science Park, Suite 13
New Haven, CT 06520 USA
203 752 0808

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