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Since 1996, PharmaForm has built an international reputation for delivering novel and innovative solutions to challenging problems in pharmaceutical product development, manufacturing, and analytical services. We have formulation expertise in oral, nasal, pulmonary, dermal, mucosal and vaginal delivery. Our scientific staff has considerable experience in drug delivery including time-release formulations, solubility enhancement and hot-melt extrusion techniques. PharmaForm's state-of-the-art facility is registered with the FDA and the DEA and is cGMP/GLP compliant. Our expertise. Your advantage.

EPAS particle engineering technology uses evaporative precipitation to generate nanostructured drug particles exhibiting rapid dissolution rates and enhanced bioavailability. The process involves dissolving the active in non-aqueous solvent followed by precipitation into an aqueous solution. The rapid expansion and atomization of the solvent in the water phase causes the formation of drug particles ranging in size from nanometer scale to micron scale, which are then stabilized using GRAS excipients. The evaporated solvent is recovered, and the stabilized particles isolated from the aqueous phase by standard techniques.


11400 Burnet Road, Suite 4010
Austin, TX 78758 USA
(512) 834-0449

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