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Foley & Lardner

Foley provides comprehensive legal services for companies taking their ideas from concept to commercialization.

With fully integrated experience in business law, intellectual property (IP) law, health law, regulatory law, and tax law, we are uniquely positioned to take your company through the intricate maze that faces you as you bring your idea to market.

Foley Understands Nanotechnology and Microsystems
At Foley, we are excited about the broad vistas of nanotechnology and microsystems. We know that an emerging nanotechnology and microsystems sector lies at the intersection of materials science, organic chemistry and biochemistry, semiconductor design, fluidics, and computer science, among other disciplines. The overarching goal is to fabricate materials and devices from the "bottom up," controlling structure at the atomic or molecular level. To these ends, whole new manufacturing technologies are under development, employing organic molecules or biomaterials for electronic- and optical-device applications, or relying on quantum-mechanical effects to generate a desired property. The fruits of these technologies may supplement or even replace conventional semiconductor devices, data storage materials, structural materials, and medical tools.


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