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Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho National Laboratory is one of the U.S. Department of Energy's multiprogram national laboratories. With 3,500 scientists, researchers and support staff, the laboratory works with national and international governments, universities and industry partners to discover new science and develop technologies that underpin the nation's nuclear and renewable energy, national security and environmental missions. Its core competencies, highlighted below, reflect more than half a century of nuclear energy development and decades of experience in basic and applied science research and applied engineering. These core capabilities form the foundation of INL research initiatives and key capabilities today.

* Nuclear reactor design, reactor demonstration and reactor safety: Having designed, constructed and operated 52 nuclear reactors during its 57-year existence, INL understands reactor operations and safety and is recognized internationally for its expertise in nuclear energy. INL is the leading laboratory in nuclear energy research and applications.
* National and Homeland Security: INL leverages its signature capabilities in wireless and communication systems, process control and cyber security, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms and sensors, and explosives testing and detection along with its complex, secure and remote facilities to provide comprehensive critical infrastructure testing and technology development to government agencies and industrial partners. Our legacy and expertise in nuclear research and development allows us to play a vital role in securing the nuclear fuel cycle and preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
* Research, development and demonstration: INL has an experienced engineering and technical work force to develop, model, test, demonstrate and validate a variety of engineered systems and processes to solve specific DOE- and industry-related environmental and energy-efficiency challenges involved with, among other areas, fossil energy and hydrogen production and use - including materials science, plasma technologies, biotechnology and alternate fuel transportation systems.
* Basic and applied science research: The scientific reputation and credentials of INL researchers play a key role in accomplishing research activities, including earth sciences and environmental engineering, biotechnology, physical systems modeling, systems engineering, intelligent automation and remote systems, applied engineering, materials processing, chemical separations and processing, sensing and diagnostics; and, supercomputing research in neutron capture therapy, surface ionization mass spectrometry and fusion safety.


2525 N. Fremont Avenue, P.O. Box 1625
Idaho Falls, ID 83415 USA
(208) 526-0111

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