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3DIcon is a developer of groundbreaking 3D projection and display technologies that are being designed to produce full color, 360 degree volumetric images. The company's mission is to surpass current 3D technologies by creating true-to-life 3D images that occupy a 3D space and appear solid as viewed from any angle without any special viewing aids.

3DIcon is currently developing volumetric 3D imaging through static-volume and swept volume display approaches. The company is targeting a myriad of applications for its developing technologies. These commercial applications are projected to approach a market size of well over $1 billion by 2011.

3DIcon's research is conducted through a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) with the University of Oklahoma (OU), a leading research institution. The company has recently launched its first product, Pixel Precision™, a software system that serves that R&D market for Texas Instruments' DLP® technology. 3DIcon's board is comprised of prominent technology investors and business people who have helped build world-class companies.


P.O. Box 470941
Tulsa, OK 74147 USA

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