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SpectraFluidics, Inc., has developed a novel chemical detection technology and platform which exceeds existing state-of-the-art sensitivity and specificity performance metrics by orders of magnitude. SpectraFluidics technology provides molecular-specific detection of explosives, illicit drugs, and other contraband at parts-per-trillion (ppt) concentration levels. The technology does not require sample preparation, reagents, swabbing, or other handling techniques which can otherwise impede detection capabilities in the field.

The mission of SpectraFluidics is to incorporate our laboratory-proven technology into a handheld detector for the real-time identification of airborne molecules emanated from explosives and other substances. The SpectraFluidics chemical detection technology operates without performance degradation in the presence of background contaminants such as saturated gasoline or kerosene vapor.


6950 Hollister Ave, Suite 104
Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA

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