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Shiva Prasad Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO
Vi NanoTech

Tata Motors has redefined the hightech and small by introducing Tata Nano a wonderproduct which is showing lot of curiosity and creating a great platform for the understanding of Nano as a future science....

January 14th, 2008

India gets it's First "Nano" buzzword….

The New Year kicked off to a great awakening of Nano in India….. The world has given a loud cheer for the "Gandhian Engineering Marvel" of "High Tech and Small" as it was called by a one of the greatest Business leaders of our times, Mr. Ratan Tata. He unveiled his promise and drove the "Tata Nano" in the Auto Expo in Delhi, India

Tata Nano

Before joining the NanoTech band-wagon, I was fortunate to have started my career with Tata Motors where I spent 15 years after coming out of IIT Kharagpur in 1979. One incident, very fresh in my memory, is when our team created a showcase audiovisual show for the "Millionth Vehicle" in 1990. I have fond memories of interaction with Mr. Ratan Tata on that occasion …One of my favorite lines read "when the foreign brands entered the Indian two wheeler market, the Indian companies were thrown out of gear, but when foreign brands entered the Indian Truck market they were thrown out of gear" …. And now with "Gandhian Engineering" Tata Motors has created the world's lowest price-tag car using High Technology…

Why is this important milestone for Nanotechnology Applications in India…?

We just had a Bangalore Nano Conference in December 2007, the First International Nanotechnology Conference in India. It is undoubtedly a great milestone. During the EXPO we had a booth and explaining to people about Nano wasn't very easy… Now, with Tata Motors car being called Nano, the word is going to catch up, the technology surrounding the word is going to look "Space Age" and popular understanding about the Nanotechnology is going to be made easy…. May be when one talks about Nano in near future he might refer to this "Gandhian Engineering Wonder"….

For our nascent world of Nanotechnology, Tata has given a great push which we can cash on to create a greater understanding of "Nano applications in India"…..

India is a vast country; with multiple cultures and large population. I always felt that the population can used to create opportunities… Nanotechnology is an area which creates New Markets, New Opportunities and New products…

Some of the Applications that people in India will look forward to are as under:

- Long lasting surface refinement
- Water, dirt, oil repellent
- Stain and scratch resistant protection
- Humidity protection
- Heat resistant and UV Stable
- Corrosion protection
- Anti-microbial and Anti-graffiti
- Invisible, breathable, flexible yet highly durable

With Nanotechnology promising Market Ready Products we will be able to bring in consumer surplus creating easy-to-clean effect…. Or more popularly the lotus effect…

Lotus Effect

As of today five Tata Cars, plying on the roads of Bangalore, India, have Nano Surface Protection using a Nanotechnology Product ……………..

The year 2007 was ended with a Nano Mantra by the conference and now the launch of "Tata Nano" has made a great beginning towards popularizing the concept of "Nano".

Kudos to Tata Motors...

Shiva Balivada
Founder, Managing Director & CEO

Vi NanoTech


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