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Evident Technologies Opens Nanotechnology Manufacturing Facility In Albany

Watervliet, NY, Plant to Produce Kilograms of EviDots Semiconductor Quantum Dot Crystals per Week

TROY, NY. March 18, 2003 Evident Technologies, Inc., a leading nanotechnology materials manufacturer and applications company, today announced that it is commencing production in its new nanotechnology manufacturing facility in Watervliet, New York. This facility is capable of producing semiconductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots, in kilogram quantities per week. By making very large quantities of these materials readily available, Evident Technologies is enabling a completely new set of innovative nanotechnology applications to be brought to market.

EviDots are perfect crystals between three and ten nanometers in size. At this size the EviDots are in a realm between atoms and bulk solid materials. These nanoparticles are high precision nanoscale semiconductors that can be engineered to meet needs for new fluorescent or photonic materials in biotechnology, optical transistors and switches, optical computing, photovoltaics, light emitting diodes (LED), lasers or any number of nano applications.

Unique to quantum dots is the ability to engineer the semiconductor optoelectronic properties by changing the size and composition of the nanomaterials. Evident can tune the bandgap, photoluminescent, and electroluminescent properties of these quantum dot nano products.

The manufacturing facility can produce enough quantum dot materials to meet the foreseeable needs of companies producing products using quantum dots. Thus, nanotechnology can move out of the lab as a curiosity, and into products in the market.

"Last year, Evident Technologies transformed the Rice Building from the 19th century hub of activity in downtown Troy to the hub of 21st century technological innovation," said Senator Bruno. "This is the latest example of positive high tech and biotechnology development in the Capital Region. This new facility continues to prove how competitive New York State is in developing, attracting and retaining biotech and nanotechnology businesses."

"We are seeing an ever increasing demand for our EviDots™ nanocrystals," said Dr. Clinton Ballinger, President and CEO, Evident Technologies. "Our customers are looking for a reliable and high quality source of supply in our multiple compositions and products. By opening this facility, we can satisfy foreseeable demand from any of our customers, domestic or international. Furthermore, we have sufficient capacity to meet additional demands for a wide variety of applications that we and our partners are bringing to market over the next several quarters."

"Semiconductor nanocrystals are a key nanotechnology material with a very wide variety of applications," said Dr. Frank Wise, Professor of Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University, "To date these materials have been mainly created in laboratory environments. Commercializing these materials will greatly enhance the ability of researchers to focus on applications."

"Having commercial quantities and a reliable source of semiconductor nanocrystals is a key enabler for the industry," said F. Mark Modzelewski, executive director of the Nanotechnology Business Alliance. "By having this facility in production allows product developers to design nanotechnology applications with confidence. This facility further solidifies the Albany, New York, region as a leader in nanotechnology."

About EviDots

EviDots semiconductor nanocrystals from Evident are available in an unprecedented range of compositions and colors. These nanomaterials are precision engineered by controlling the size, wavelength, absorption resonance, and semiconductor bandgap. The materials are very stable, are of high quality, are consistent from batch to batch, and have very narrow color emissions. These unique properties enable product developers to enhance and expand nanotechnology applications in optics, photonics, nanoelectronics and biology.

About Evident Technologies

Evident Technologies, Inc. is a world-leader in manufacturing semiconductor nanocrystals and their applications. Evident focuses on biotechnology applications of nanotechnology with state-of-the-art materials and in leading the way for expanded applications in telecommunications, optical computing, and lighting applications. Evident enables other companies to explore a plethora of applications and innovations by joining our Nanotechnology Web™. For more information on Evident please visit

Corporate Contact:
Evident Technologies
Steven Talbot, VP of Marketing
(518) 273.6266

Reprinted with premission.
Copyright Evident Technologies.

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