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Philippe Van Nedervelde

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Philippe Van Nedervelde - Manipulating Atoms

Manipulating Atoms: The SPM tip is shown here as it electrically 'glues' an atom to itself, moving it about and releasing it.

Philippe Van Nedervelde - Atom Corrals

Atom Corrals: A demonstration of the kind of precision that can be achieved in 2D atom manipulation using SPMs.

Philippe Van Nedervelde - Rotary Assembler

The Rotary Assembler: One of the machines that will be possible using the new-found ability to manipulate single molecules and atoms is illustrated here. This vaguely CD-ROM-like machine assembles other nanomechanical systems by means of 5 degrees-of-freedom tips that pick molecules off the upper platter, rotate down and deposit them on the product arrays of the lower platter.

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